Simon & Julie, 2015

"Robyn is caring and dedicated to her clients. She is friendly and welcomed at our house anytime! Robyn exceeded our expectations when she reached out to various companies to get quotes for things to get fixed at the house we purchased, she proactively reached out to the closing agent to get updates, she bought us gifts to celebrate the key milestones of the buying/selling processes, and she continues to show she cares about us by reaching out and seeing how we're doing."

Michael, 2015

"Robyn was very professional and did an exceptional job at reviewing current market trends and gave me plenty of direction to maximize our house selling experience."

Brian & Katherine, 2015

"Robyn worked very hard for us; from timing our listing appropriately to helping stage our house. She even advocated for us when we hit a snag with the painters we'd hired."

Jeanne, 2016

"Robyn is professional, thorough, goal oriented, courteous and consistent throughout the process. She came to my condo to direct me on how to stage it and provided a checklist with tasks and dates so I could easily follow the process."

Carine & Timothy, 2016

"Robyn has excellent customer service, she is always available and quick to reply to my emails and questions."

Michael, 2016

"Robyn was excellent, proactive, engaged, and competent! She helped me extensively to ready the house for sale. She came onsite to oversee and project manage some of the contractors I hired to do work on the house."